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We teach witchcraft as a way of life and later as a profession. Witch has traditionally meant a seer and a healer. At the Academy you refine these skills and gifts in yourself. You will grow into a creatrix of your own life with the ability to help other people in your community.

According to the Academy's point of view, witchcraft is about respecting the cyclical nature and seeing humans as a part of nature. The focus is on respecting all life.


What we offer


Currently we offer a yearly online curriculum in Finnish with 25 courses and 7 sabbath ceremonies. We are looking to offer courses and workshops in English as well in the future.

Our courses include topics like divination, green witchcraft, kitchen witchery, energy work, deity work, crystal work, sigil, manifesting with the moon, palm reading, tarot reading, astrology etc.

Besides the curriculum, we host ceremonies and workshops.

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